We are specialized artistic studio engaged in many artistic areas off  applied art some of  being stained glass, fused glass, mosaic, terracotta, icon painting, conservation and restoration. What makes it unique is specialization and commitment to experiment in discipline of fused glass and classic stained glass, wide offer of standard and custom solutions. Thanks to the great experience in cooperation with architects in all design phases which resulted in a large number of realized projects, the studio is able to competently rinse complete designer’s inventiveness, taking care of achieving a balance between the following factors: the architectural concept, the function of the building, the requirements for color and light, symbolic nature of finished space, heritage or suitable historical associations, so that the work in glass would be harmonized with the environment as an integral part of it, and still to remain a sense of artistic work for itself.

The usage of glass as an architectural medium, which is a perfect blend of aesthetics and function, in the built environment is varied: dividers, paravanes, floors, ceilings, wall coverings, with or without backlight, stair treads, railings, doors, lamps, fountains, furniture parts…

The production capacity of studio Marinkovic include:

  • Design – studio Marinkovic is reputed for its sophisticated projects, high aesthetic and technological standards and thus defines itself as the spot of creative energy and Slobodan Marinkovic as a ‘glass poet’
  • Making the kiln formed glass: offers a wide range of possibilities for creating textures, patterns and optical effects, which gives a unique beauty, subtlety and tactile quality
  • Bending glass – offers great opportunities ( eg . Linking with other forms … )
  • Laminating – bonding multiple layers of glass; the usage of colored glass provides great visual options
  • Surface decoration : sandblasting, acid etching, gold plating and printing

Glass can be strengthened to the required national and international safety standards.

By selecting certain shapes, surfaces, colors , textures, types of glass it is possible to achieve various effects: to soften or strengthen forms, highlight function in a particular area or cover it up, to divide one area or combine two … Unlike the ordinary glazing architectural art glass moves and transforms light redrawing space. Glass with its mystique and sophistication can serve any metaphor or function . Whether transparent, translucent or opaque , it brings a narrative dimension to the game of light and shade , like no other material .